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Top rated Cordless drills in the market

To find a perfect drill for you in the market is almost now impossible due to variety of different drill models along with different brands. So we took it upon our shoulders to ease you of this burden of choice. We have compiled a list for Top rated cordless drills in the market that will surely peak your interest. We carefully selected these top rated cordless drills based on user comfort ability to use them and provide maximum power to carry out any drill related job around the house. The following Top rated cordless drills will be described in details of their features that make it easy to select. Following are some the Top rated cordless drills in the market that we have compiled for you in this article.

Dewalt DCF886D2 Brushless Impact Driver Kit

Dewalt is the first choice for our Top rated cordless drills due to their affordable price along with quality grade features. This drill provides power to carry out many home-related drilling task making it a contender for Top rated cordless Drills. Following are some of the know features of the drill that allowed us to place it in list for Top rated cordless drills.

Power source:-

The drill runs from a power source of 20-volt lithium ion batteries. These batteries provide long lasting battery life as compared to normal Ni-Cad batteries.


The drill has keyless chuck of about ¼ inch Hex whereas the drill tip is about 1 inch in size.


The drill houses brushless motor that is useful in saving 65 percent more power than the brushed motor.


The drill motor is capable to generate torque of about 800in/lbs. this torque can deliver the maximum efficiency to perform various drilling or fastening job. The drill doe not comes with variable speed setting feature but the trigger when pressed lightly can be adjusted to cover that feature.

LED light:-

The drill houses three LED lights in front of it allowing the work area to be illuminated I case of darkness.


The drill is designed so that it weighs only 5 pounds along with batteries and is compact in size. This design allows it to be use by any type of newcomer or professional alike even among compact spaces.

Belt Hook:-

A belt hook on the lower side of drill allows the user with portability ease.


The drill is protected by Dewalt’s 3-year tool warranty feature.

Craftsman 16496 Drill/Driver Kit

The craftsman brand is our second choice for nominating their drill to be in our list for Top rated cordless Drills. The drill we chose for Top rated cordless drills is Craftsman 16496 Drill/Driver kit. The following are some of its features.

Battery source:-

The drill is powered by a battery source of 20-volt Lithium Ion battery that can hold ore charge than Ni-Cad batteries and is also lighter in weight.


The drill with its superior battery source can generate a torque of 750in/lbs for any type of drill related job.

Clutch setting:-

The 21-clutch setting allows the adjustment of drill torque as per work requirement.


The drill is designed ergonomically to be compact in size and weight so it could be use with ease in even compact spaces.


The drill is covered by 1-year tool warranty from Craftsman.

Milwaukee 2602-22 M18 Hammer Drill/Driver Kit

The last item we choose for the Top rated cordless drills in the market is Milwaukee 2602-22 M18 Hammer Drill/Driver Kit. This drill is capable to carry out even the heavy duty task thrown in its way. The following features allow it to be worth mentioning in Top rated cordless Drills.

Battery source:-

the drill is powered by the 18 volt Lithium Ion batteries. The primary reason for this drill to be placed in Top rated cordless drills is its capacity to work up to 100 percent of its battery charge. When other drills stop working due to low battery charge this drill continues to work on.


The drill’s chuck is ½ inch in size and is made of all metal body. This chuck is keyless, which means the drill bits can be changes without the use of any tool.


The drill houses a motor that can generate a torque of maximum 450in/lbs, which is enough to take out any heavy-duty job. The drill hammer action can blow 29000 blows per minute to drilling in any screw. .

Speed setting:-

The drill comes with variable speed feature allowing the adjustment of the following two speed.

  • 0-450 rpm
  • 0-1700 rpm

LED light:-

The drill has an LED light in front allowing the work area to be illuminated in case of darkness.


Beside it heavy duty action the drill is ergonomically designed to be compact in size and weight so it can be used by ordinary homeowners too.

Warranty and Package contents:-

The drill is covered by Milwaukee’s 3-year tool warranty. The following are drill contents when ordered or purchased.

  • 1 cordless Hammer Drill/Driver
  • 2 lithium ion batteries of 18 volts
  • 1 charger
  • 1 carrying bag


To conclude the above discussion about the Top rated cordless drill we present to you with our final thoughts on the subject matter. The first model is of Dewalt’s power tool brand. Although the Dewalt’s product are manufactured by Chinese manufacturing company but still they provided us with the above discussed features of a top rated cordless drill. The second item is of Craftsman brand, which gets its products manufactured by Ryobi Power Tools. Ryobi power tool tends to work for better technology and innovation brand that is what is seen in the above Craftsman drill. The warranty is also suitable with affordable price range. The Last item is Milwaukee drill making it a best contender for Top rated Cordless Drill. This drill can pack quite a power in its compact size. The battery feature to work up to 100 percent capacity makes it prominent to other Top rated cordless drills. We have placed a list of Top rated cordless drills for you in the market available. The final decision is yours, in our view Milwaukee is t best among Top rated cordless drills.