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Top 10 cordless drills to ease you difficulty in buying one

There are varieties of brands in the Cordless Drills industry. For you to select one of the drills from them we have compiled this list for Top 10 Cordless drills. All of these brands are top rated in their product manufacture and provides features that are both great in price range and quality performances. Following are the Top 10 cordless drills along with their features.

Makita XFD3Z Cordless Driver drill

As an industry leading company, Makita offers quality power tools. There drills boast of power and precision that is why they were necessary to be mentioned in our list for Top 10 Cordless Drills. The model for discussion is Makita XFD3Z.

Power source:-

A lithium ion 18-volt battery operates this drill.


A four pole motor introduce in this model allows it to gain a torque of 750in/lbs. this torque is 25 percent more than its previous model.

Two speed transmission system:-

The 2-speed transmission system allows the drill to perform following speeds for drilling or fastening jobs.

  • 0-4400 rpm
  • 0-2000 rpm

XPT technology:-

The protection is a feature unlike any other drill. The XPT technology introduced mainly earned it the first pace in our Top 10 cordless drills. This XPT technology prevents the drill from being worn out from dust and water splashes under heavy work conditions.

Metal body:-

The all-metal gears and aluminum gear housing feature tends to provide protection and durability to drill for working longer.


Makita offers 3-year warranty for this drill.

Dewalt DCD790D2 Brushless Compact Drill/Driver Kit

Dewalt is an American based brand that produces power tools in suitable price range and enhanced performance. Their cordless drills are no exception. We added Dewalt’s DCD7090D2 cordless drill among our list for top 10 cordless drills. The following feature makes it note worthy of being mentioned in Top 10 Cordless drills.

Power source:-

Two lithium ion 20-volt batteries power this drill.


The compact design and light body weight allow it to use in confined spaces.

Speed transmission:-

For drilling holes r screwing jobs the drill offers the following two speed transmissions.

  • 0-2000 rpm
  • 0-600 rpm

It has the capacity to drill in wood and metal to following depth.

  • Wood up to 2 inches
  • Metal up to half an inch

LED light:-

The drill has an LED with a 20-second trigger release delay that can help ease your work by illuminating the work area in front of you.


Dewalt provides 23-year consumer warranty for this drill.

Hitachi DS18DSAL Cordless Drill/Driver

Hitachi is a Chinese manufacturing brand that has made its place among the top power tool brands with its cheaper technology and increased warranty feature. We have listed the Hitachi DS18DSAL model among our Top 10 Cordless drills. It has the following features.

Power source:-

18-volt lithium ion batteries power this Hitachi Pro Lithium Ion drill driver.


The torque produced by this ½ in drill driver is 460 in/lbs.

Clutch settings:-

The Hitachi drill offers a 22 clutch setting that allows the drill to screw in low speed setting. This avoids the drill to screw too far in the surface. It can drill up to half an inch in metal surface.


The drill has 3.3lbs weight and compact design that makes it easy to be use in confined spaces. The LED light in the drill allows the work done comfortable in dark places.


The reason for Hitachi’s popularity is their warranty feature. They provide a 10-year consumer warranty for this drill.

Milwaukee 2603-22 XC M-18 Drill Driver

Another to be mentioned in our Top 10 cordless drills is Milwaukee 2603 XCM Drill driver. Milwaukee is another American company that is producing professional grade and quality hardware tools. The Drill has the following features.

Power source:-

Milwaukee introduces REDLITHIUM battery technology in this drill making it one of the best contenders in our Top 10 cordless drills.  This red lithium battery provides more work per charge and work over pack life as compared to other batteries in market. The battery can handle the longer working jobs like construction or electronics.


The torque produced by this drill’s brushless motors is 750in/lbs. the top speed of this drill is 1800rpm, which is on par with some of the best drills.


The warranty provided for this drill is 3 years.

Rockwell RK2852K2 Brushless Drill/Driver

Rockwell is a name well known among the people who know their hardware tools. Therefore, we placed Rockwell RK2852K2 Brushless drill/ Driver in our list of Top 10 cordless drills.

Power source:-

Standard lithium ion 18-volt batteries power this dill providing a speed of almost 2000rpm.

Brushless motor:-

The brushless motor of this drill provides 570 in/lbs torque. This brushless motor allows 50 percent more per charge over the brushed motor.

Safety of chucks:-

The half-inch metal, single sleeve ratcheting chuck allows the drill bit to be in place throughout heavy duty jobs.


The design is compact and the drill is light in weight allowing the user to use it efficiently in confined spaces.


Rockwell provides 3-year warranty for drill and 1-year warranty for batteries.

Porter-Cable PCCK600LB Drill/Driver Kit

A new comer for a brand Porter-Cable is now producing drills that are in performance on par with brands like Makita. Their quality products allowed us to place the Porter-Cable PCCK600LB to be among the Top 10 Cordless drills. It has the following specs.

Power source:-

The drill is powered by lithium ion 20-volt battery providing a maximum speed of 1600 rpm.

2 speed gear box:-

He drill can be adjusted for the following 2-drill setting based on your need either drilling or sinking a screw.

  • 0-400 rpm for sinking a screw
  • 0-1600 rpm for drilling a hole


The metal ratcheting chucks avoids the drill to be slip during the drilling. LED light makes the comfortable I the dark places providing with safety too.


This 7-3/4 inch in length and 3.5lbs in weight drill reduces the user fatigue in confined spaces as well as normal work.

Warranty and product contents:-

The warranty provided by Porter-Cable is 1 year. The product comes with the following contents.

  • One drill driver
  • Two lithium ion batteries
  • One lithium ion charger
  • One double ended bit tip
  • One kit box

Bosch DDS182-02 Compact Tough Drill/Driver

Bosch another name in the power tool industry is producing quality products for its customers not only in USA but all around the globe there process are cheap as compared to the big brands like Makita and Black & Decker but are on same performance level as them. That is why we described the features of the Bosch DDS182-02 Compact Drill in our list of Top 10 cordless drills.

Power source:-

The drill is powered  by Lithium ion 18 volt batteries, in turn giving maximum speed of 1700rpm.


The torque produced by this drill’s brushless motors is 442 in/lbs. A power enough to drill hole through almost 2 inches of wood and half an inch in metal. The brushless motors provided longer motor life than a brushed one.

Advance safety feature:-

The electronic motor and cell safety feature allows the overloading and overheating of the drill providing with longer use. The Dura Shield Drop feature has been tested multiples times ensuring the safety of drill to be dropped from 10 feet.

Magnetic bit holder:-

The magnetic bit holder allows the drill bits to be ratchet in the chuck safely. The 18-clutch setting allows the drilling or inking the screw setting as per requirement.


Bosch presents a one year limited warranty for both drill and batteries.

Ryobi 18 Volt Drill Driver Kit

Ryobi is a brand that sells its power tool products in Northern America and around the globe through third party mediatory. Their innovative style and technology earned their Ryobi 18Volt Drill Driver Kit a place to be placed among our Top 10 Cordless Drills. It has the following features.

Power source:-

This drill can be power by both Lithium ion and nickel cadmium batteries of 18 volts. This power source provides a maximum speed of 1600 rpm.

Keyless chuck:-

The keyless chuck allows the drill bits to be screwed in the drill by hands; moreover, the magnetic holder holds the drill bits for further safety.

Accessory feature:-

The top mounted bubble level and LED light illuminating front are accessory features allowing the work more comfortable without worrying about levels or light.


The torque produced by its motor is 340in/lbs, which is not that much but is more than enough to handle simple drilling jobs.

Warranty and package content:-

Ryobi offers 1-year warranty for this product. Following are the contents of the order placed.

  • Drill driver
  • 2 Ryobi 18volt batteries
  • 1 charger
  • 1 carrying case

SKIL 2898-02 Drill/Driver Kit

SKIL is company that has been around since 1924 when they first invented an innovative circular chainsaw. Since that time now, there production has been 100 different hardware tools. Their cordless drills also boast of innovation along with efficient working capacity. SKIL 2898-02 Drill driver is our model of discussion in our Top 10 Cordless Drills. It has the following features that made it to earn its place in our Top 10 cordless drills.

Power source:-

Both18 volt Lithium ion and nickel cadmium batteries can power the drill, providing the top speed of 1400rpm.


All metal motor provides a torque up to 400in/lbs.


The lightweight and compact size allows lesser fatigue to the user while working in confined spaces as well as in normal conditions.


The SKIL provides a limited warranty of 1 year for this drill.

Black & Decker BDCDHP220SB Drill/Driver

Black & Decker is a brand that is now well known among any power tool aficionado. Their quality products with excellent performance have earned them a title of being among the best power tool brands. For our list of Top 10 cordless drills, we have explained the features of Black & Decker BDCDHP220SB Drill/Driver. The drill got its place in our Top 10 cordless drills due to its innovative design and fast acting screwing action.

Power source:-

20-volt lithium ion batteries in this drill, allow it to achieve maximum speed of 1400-rpm.


The torque produce by its brushless motor is 400 in/lbs, which is quite low but still it can perform variety of drilling applications.


The single sleeve chuck allows the insertion and removal of drill bits easy.


Black & Decker offers warranty of 2 years in case of defect.


We have seen some new brands in our Top 10 cordless drills article. To conclude our discussion we present to you with our final thoughts to choose from the above stated Top 10 cordless drills. Makita and Hitachi are well known brands and both of their drills offer amazing speed and torque making them best contender to be bought, for best you will have to spend a little more. Next combination to compare from is Milwaukee, Rockwell and Porter-Cable, all of these drills comes with near about same features, affordable prices,  and a decent amount of power to be used by any homeowner or a professional.

Bosch and Ryobi are American based company their prices are suitable providing their American customers with service warranties and Customer Satisfaction services. Therefore, for the people of USA these drills are best to buy. SKIL and Black & Decker are both brands that have been longer in the market since longer than any other brand. The drills mentioned in our Top 10 cordless drills by these brands are compact in size and helpful for easy jobs need to be carried out around a house. For professional jobs, these drills not hold enough power to produce sufficient torque. We hope that our detailed description on Top 10 Cordless drills have proved to be of assistance for your need to buy a cordless drill.