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in Reviews - 15 Feb, 2017
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We present professional cordless drill reviews

For a professional carpenter or an artisan the power drill is a necessary item that has o be I his tool kit. Now there are so many brands in the market that it is almost impossible for a single person to make a reasonable choice. That is why we decided to help these professionals and any other power drill aficionado to come in contact through best drills in our Professional cordless drill reviews. The drill needed for a professional reason must have the following good properties.

  • Power
  • Durability
  • Easy to use
  • Comforting to use
  • Gets work done efficiently

These are just some of the common typical needs for a drill but the real features for a drill will be described in our Professional cordless drill reviews. For this purpose, we have compiled a list for the following drills in our Professional cordless drill reviews.

Black & Decker BDC120C Lithium Ion Impact drill

Black and Decker is a brand that is well known for their quality grade power tools. This is the very reason we decided to add the first item for our Professional cordless drill review to be from this brand. The model we decided to preview in our Professional cordless drill review today is Black and Decker BDC120C Lithium Ion Impact drill. The drill’s following features allowed it to be placed in our list of Professional cordless drill reviews.

Battery source:-

The drill is of professional nature so it utilizes its power from a battery source of 20volts. These batteries are of lithium ion technology providing the user with five times the normal battery life.


The single sleeve ½-inch ratcheting chuck allows the user to efficiently and quickly change the drill bits.


The drill has a powerful motor that can generate torque up to 1375in/lbs. this much torque is enough to carry out any kind of professional drilling job.

Speed setting feature:-

The drill offers speed setting feature that allows the adjustment of drill speed of following rpm for required work.

  • 0-2000 rpm
  • 0-3000 rpm


The drill is designed to be compact in size and light in weight so that it can be used in small tight spaces with ease.

Warranty and package contents:-

The drill is offered by 1-year warranty for drill. The drill when ordered comes with the following contents.

  • 1 drill driver
  • 2 20volt batteries
  • 1 charger
  • 1 screw driving bit

Rockwell RK2860 Li-Ion Brushless Impact Driver

Another model for our Professional cordless drill reviews is Rockwell RK2860 Brushless Impact driver. this drill boast of power with its elegant design. The drill is preferred for its warranty features of 10 years in the market. The following features will make you agree that it was right fully paced in the Professional cordless drill reviews.

Power source:-

The drill generates its working capacity from 20-volt Lithium Ion technology batteries. These batteries last longer than normal ones and are less in weight too.


The drill houses I n ¼-inch ratcheting sleeveless chuck. This keyless feature allows the drill bits to be removed and changed easily.


The drill motor is of brushless technology. This brushless motor technology allows the carbon to be scrapped off during the work. The drill remains cool and this adds to its longevity in the long run.


The drill’s brushless motor can generate the maximum torque of about 1500in/lbs. this much is torque is enough for professional grade work.

Speed setting:-

The drill comes with following two speed settings for fastening or drilling job.

  • 0-1800rpm
  • 0-2800 rpm

LED light:-

The drill houses an LED light that is triggered with 20-second delay time.

Fuel gauge:-

The drill has integrated battery gauge that lets you keep in check the amount of battery life.


The drill houses an amazing warranty of 10 years by Rockwell. The batteries on the other hand come with lifetime warranty.

Hitachi WH18DGL 18 volt Cordless Lithium Ion Impact Driver Kit

Hitachi is a brand popular enough to be mentioned in almost any review of power tool. That is the very reason we decided to place the Hitachi WH18DGl in our Professional cordless drill review. The following features make our decision well worthy of placing it in Professional cordless drill review.


The drill is powered by 20-volt lithium ion Battery due to its far more battery life than the ordinary one. In addition, they are light in weight so they do not add much to drill’s weight.


The drill has ¼-inch single sleeve keyless chuck that allows the drill bits to be changed or removed with ease.

LED light:-

The drill has an LED in front of it for illuminating the dark work surface.


The drill motor has capacity to generate a torque of about 1280in/lbs. this much torque allows the following rpm speed that are well adjustable for any type of fastening or drilling jobs.

  • 0-2400 rpm
  • 0-3200 rpm


The drill is designed so that its weight is only 3.1 pounds allowing it to be handled perfectly by any type of user.


The drill is covered by Hitachi’s lifetime tool warranty. However, for batteries they are covered by two-year warranty of Lithium Ion.


To conclude the discussion for Professional cordless drill reviews we present to you with our final thoughts on the subject matter. The Black & Decker is usually preferred due to its strong brand name and the quality of their proprietarily made products. The drill is sufficient for any kind of professional work. The second drill in our Professional cordless drill reviews was from Rockwell brand. This drill houses an amazing drill warranty and battery warranty in a suitable price range. The drill’s feature also makes it a contender for buying. The last drill is of Hitachi brand. Hitachi brand is known to be quite popular since its production due to their cheap products with amazing warranty features. We have placed all the features for you on the Professional cordless drill reviews. Te final say in this matter is yours. We hope that our Professional Cordless drill reviews proved to be of some assistance in your future endeavors.