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in Reviews - 15 Dec, 2014
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Product review for Panasonic EY6432NQKW

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Panasonic needs no introduction. Whether it is a personal grooming device, home appliances or the power instruments such as drills, Panasonic has it covered in terms of quality as well as efficiency. For drills, Panasonic has now moved on to wireless, while keeping the same superior quality, minus a cumbersome wire. The new Panasonic EY6432NQKW is no exception. It is amongst the latest in the wireless line, and it delivers with accuracy, precision and full convenience. Its heavy duty and powerful, and well suited for all your drilling needs, whether they are household or professional.

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Features and Specifications:

The name Panasonic itself is reason enough to purchase the new cordless drill from the manufacturer. Panasonic is known for its reliability, durability and above all excellent performance. Just like any other Panasonic product, the Panasonic EY6432NQKW is just as efficient and high functioning. To get a know how of this wonderful product, you must be familiar with its features, so a product isn’t completely alien when it arrives on your doorstep. Here are some of the details you should know:

Pocket size powerhouse: Do not be fooled by its small size. It is actually jam packed with high power and efficiency. It weighs about 4lbs, which means it is light on your and palms, but it can drill in for almost 400 inches. This makes it perfect for heavy duty jobs, but also you can work with it in cramped spaces, and carry it around with you without straining yourself.

Speed Control: Unlike most drills that can work on either low speed or a high speed this instrument comes with a variable speed that allows you to choose between goings from 60 rpm to 1450 rpm! This means you can switch between low or high speed depending on the heaviness of your job.

Ergonomic design: Drills are usually designed to be very bulky, heavy and hard to handle. However, Panasonic gets full points for solving this problem and changing the design of the drill to something more ergonomic, compact and easy to use. It has a rubber handle that maintains a firm grip in the user’s hand, and not only makes it easy to use it, but safe from accidents as well. The bit stops instantly when brake is released, to ensure maximum ease and safety for the user.

Excellent battery:It has a large battery that charges quickly in less than an hour, but performs much better, almost 50% more battery time than other batteries, means you can work more on a single charge.

Pros and cons:


  • Light
  • Efficient
  • Very safe
  • Ergonomic
  • Excellent battery


  • The speed control can be a bit tricky

What the customers have to say about it?

Most customers were satisfied with the purchase. They believed that it was the perfect size and very efficient. They gave it 4.6 out 5 stars.

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If you are looking for a product that will work equally well at home as well as professionally, then you must go for this one. It is handy while being powerful at the same time.