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in Reviews - 15 Dec, 2014
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Product Review for DEWALT DCF815S2 Impact Driver Kit

DEWALT DCF815S2 12- big 4
There are many companies that are making drills and other power tools. The market is flooded with high to low quality manufacturers for drill production. But drilling is an important as well as risky job; therefore everything must be in order to use it efficiently and safely. One of the most reliable manufacturers for this range of cordless drills is DEWALT, who are especially known for their high quality drills. They are now making cordless drills as well, which are just performing as well astheir old products, just with better innovation and designing.

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Features and specifications:

As a renowned manufacture of power tools and home appliances, DEWALT brings the best in terms of toughness, dependability, maximum protection and efficiency.Dueto this, DEWALT has become the first choice for people when choosing power tools. This product is no different.  It is overflowing with the finest technology and design innovation that give you maximum comfort and competence. There are numerous reasons to buy the DEWALT DCF815S2. Before you buy it, there are the details and specifications that you must be aware of. This helps you in getting acquainted with the product and you aren’t completely alien to it when you own it. Here are some important details:

Small size for all-outease: The tool is just a little more than 6 inches, and weighs not more than 4 pounds. This means that it is stress-free to transport, easy to grasp, and easy to hoard. It goes easy on the bones and muscles of your working hand. You can use it as long as you like without any fatigue.

Great power in a compact shape: Filled in the slightdimensions is a pretty good amount of power. It is quite powerful at a 12 volt tool, which provides thoroughgoing drilling power, in a lightweight body.

Great battery life:The drill machine has two 12-volt battery packs. That charges quickly in less than an hour, but is strong performance wise as compared to other cordless drill machines. This means that you don’t have to recharge it a lot to keep working.

Supreme torque: The torque of the DEWAULT is unrivaled. It has a torque of as much as 79 pounds per inch, which is even better for such a small machine. A good torque also makes it versatile, which means that it can now work well on any kind of material

Three LED lights: To illuminate your work, and to have a better view and clear picture of your project, the drill machine comes with a band of three strong led lights that will help you work better.

Pros and Cons:


  • Light
  • Proficient
  • High torque
  • Squeezed size
  • A little noisy


What the customers say about it?

Most customers were wowed by its efficiency, especially given its small size. They gave it 4.8 out of 5 stars which is a really good score. This score is itself a great proof of the product quality and effectiveness.

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If you want to purchase something solid, sturdy yet small and portable, go for the DAWULT. You will not regret your purchase.