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in Reviews - 18 Feb, 2017
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We present Heavy-duty cordless drill review

Power tools are necessary items for any professional dealing with carpeting or artesian jobs. One of the primary power tools for every kind of artisan or carpenter is a Heavy Duty power drill. These heavy-duty power drills are a hassle to be handled along with their weight and cords. For these kinds of situation, the cordless drills are a best way to ease your burden. For the very purpose, we have decided to write a Heavy-duty cordless drill review to let everyone know about some of the known and popular drills. These drills are so compact in size and are cordless that they are easy to be used by even non-professionals like homeowners. We have compiled a list for our Heavy-duty cordless drill review that will let you know about some of the best cordless heavy-duty drills in the market along with their respective features.

Makita XPH07MB 18V Hammer Drill Kit

Makita is among one of the top leading drill brands in the market. There products boast of both quality and power. That is why we decided to place the first item on our Heavy Duty cordless drills to be the Makita model name as XPH07MB Hammer drill kit. This drill has the following features that allowed it to be placed among our Heavy-duty cordless drill review.

Battery Source:-

The drill obtains its power from 18-volt Lithium ion batteries of 4.0 Ah. These lithium ion batteries are light in weight so they do not add much to drills weight. They also run longer than ordinary Ni-Cad batteries. The battery has Star protection symbol on the outside ensuring the battery protection by Star Protection.


The drill houses BL Brushless Motor. This motor is capable to generate a torque of 1090in/lbs. this much torque is enough to carry around any kind of heavy-duty job.

Power saver:-

The BL brushless motor can electronically control the battery pr charge. This allows the battery to save 50 percent the normal battery consumption.

Safety feature:-

The drills brushless motor allows the carbon brushes to be removed as per the usage. This acts as a cooling and safety feature for motor allowing it to work more efficiently.

Speed settings:-

The drill has following two speed setting feature for the purposes of drilling or fastening jobs.

  • 0-550 rpm
  • 0-2100 rpm

Battery level meter:-

The drill has an integrated LED battery meter allowing the display for remaining batter charge.


Makita offers a consumer warranty of 2 year for this drill.

Hitachi DV18DSDL 18V Lithium Ion hammer Drill

Hitachi brand is now a well-known brand for every kind of power tool in the market. Their warranty feature is one of the best among the power tool industry. The Hitachi heavy-duty drills come with the warranty and quality grade professional products. Their drill model number DV18DSDL along with warranty feature allowed it to be placed in our Heavy-duty cordless drill review.

Battery source:-

Like all other top graded drills, this Hitachi drill also runs on the Lithium Ion 18 volt battery source. This battery is comparatively light in weight as compared to Ni-Cad batteries. The battery is inserted and taken out by the slide free technology.


The drill houses an industrial grade 2- pole motor. This motor can generate a torque of about 814in/lbs. this much torque is enough to carry on any tough drilling job.

Chuck with Carbide jaws:-

The drill has a ½-inch key less chuck. This chuck also has carbide jaws that can grip the drill bits in place with maximum power.

Speed setting:-

The drill has 22 clutch setting system that can allow the adjustment of following speed settings for the drilling jobs.

  • 0-500rpm
  • 0-1900 rpm

Belt hook:-

The drill has a metal belt hook that keeps the drill I reach of the user.


The drill is encased in an aluminum gear case that adds to its durability and strength.


The drill is offered by Hitachi’s Lifetime Tool warranty and battery is offered with two-year warranty.

Dewalt DCD995M2 20v Max XR 3-Speed Cordless Hammer Drill

Dewalt is an American based power tool company that has been producing power tools since 2013. Their quality of products is on par with some of the best drill brands in the market. The model to be discussed for our Heavy-duty cordless drill review includes the Dewalt’s model number DCD995M2 Cordless hammer drill. The drills salient features are among the best of our Heavy-duty cordless drill review list.

Battery source:-

Power of the drill comes from the Lithium Ion Max XR 20 volt batteries. These batteries are light I weight and provide 5 times the normal battery life.


The drill houses a three speed brushless motor that produces a torque of 1500in/lbs making it without a doubt among one of the Heavy-duty cordless drills.

Power produced by motor:-

The drill is capable of providing 0-34000 rpm and this speed can be adjusted as per the drilling or fastening requirements.


The ½-inch keyless chuck along with carbide jaws allow the drill bits to be in perfect place.


The drill is designed to be compact despite its heavy-duty working capacity. It weighs only 4.7lbs and can easily be use in tight small spaces.


Being an American brand Dewalt only offers a consumer warranty of limited 1 year after the date of sale.


To conclude the above discussion related to the Heavy-duty cordless drill review, we resent to you our final thoughts. All of the discussed drills in Heavy-duty cordless Drill review are same in many features with a little difference in between their performance. The Makita model is a tool that has power capacity to carry out any kind of drilling job in the house and it is of a well-known brand. Hitachi drill has a little less working performance as it comes to its drilling speed but their life time warranty allow it to be one of the best candidates. The Dewalt’s model offers a professional grade heavy-duty drill that can almost take on any kind of drilling job that is thrown at it. Therefore, a person looking to invest real money one time should buy Dewalt. We hope that our Heavy-duty cordless drill review proved o be of great help in exploring your options.