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in Reviews - 02 Feb, 2017
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Here is Bosch DDB180-02 review

Drill is a necessary tool in every power tool kit. Here are various following drill types.

  • Corded drills
  • Cordless drills
  • Impact drills
  • Hammer drills
  • Handheld simple drills

All of the above drills are somewhat useful in their own retrospect but we personally think that a cordless drill is the best choice for any kind of user be it a professional user or an ordinary homeowner. The reason for this is that first, they are without the hassle of electrical cords, secondly they can be taken almost anywhere when fully charged and third but not the least they weigh extremely light than corded ones and provide the same power level as any ordinary drill. Now the drill that is best for any homeowner is a cordless one, which brand is the best among them. there are many brands in the power tools industry like Makita and Black & Decker .

They all produce quality grade professional tools that can deliver power and their long lasting technology. There is another brand in the market, which is also in the competition for quite a long time, Bosch. Bosch’s power tool industry is quite popular nowadays because of their proprietary developmental technologies. Their EPM technology allows the drill to be in perfect working condition even when there is staling in the work. This and many other features, which will be discussed in detail in our Bosch DDB180-02, review places the Bosch brand to be among the top in market.  The Bosch DDB180-02 review will introduce you with the state of the art drill features that make it a suitable choice for many professionals and homeowners. Following features illustrate our need for Bosch DDB180-02 review.

Battery Source:-

The drill power comes from 18-volt Lithium ion Battery technology. These batteries are used because of their lightweight and capacity to run 5 times than the normal battery life. The lightweight of batteries prove t be a plus point, as it does not add much to drill’s own weight. The batteries can be of both Slim Pack and Fat Pack.

Motor efficiency:-

The drill houses brushless motor. These brushes scrap off the carbon scraping during drilling job. His scrapping keeps the motor to be cooler at all times during working. Cooler motor equals longer drill life.

Torque generation:-

The drill houses a torque of nearly 400in/lbs. this torque is enough to carry out any type of drilling or fastening jobs.

Battery charge:-

The battery when once fully charged makes the drill to screw in almost 160 screws of about 3-inch diameter.


The drill handle is designed to be that of a pistol. This design allows the user to grasp the drill perfectly for any kind of working condition.

EPM feature:-

The EPM feature is the primary feature for our Bosch DDB180-02 review. This is a proprietary technology of Bosch power tools. The EPM (Electronic Motor Protection) allows the drill to be perfectly in working condition even when there is some sort of stalling due to debris of the drilling material.

Speed feature:-

The 2-speed feature allows the drill for the following drilling features.

  • 0-400 rpm for fastening jobs
  • 0-1300 rpm for drilling jobs

Dura shield technology:-

The drill is covered with Dura Shield technology. This shielding feature allows the drill to withstand the harshest of the working conditions.

LED light:-

The drill has LED light on the front of the drill. The light illuminates the workstation area in case of darkness. When the drill trigger is pressed, a ten-second delay LED lights up.

Belt Hook:-

The belt hook of the drill allows the user to portably carry it around and be in reach of the tool whenever needed.


The drill is designed so that it weighs only 3 pounds. This makes it easy to carry around by the user. Other than that, compact design adds to reduces user fatigue. The compact size allows the use in small and tight spaces with ease and comfort.


The drill houses a 3/8 inch chuck. This keyless chuck allows the removal and change of drill bit easily and quickly. The chuck can hold the drill bits in with firm grasp.

Warranty and package contents:-

The Drill houses a consumer warranty of 1 year in case of defects by Bosch power Tools. The drill when ordered comes along with the following contents.

  • 1- 18 volt Lithium Ion3/8 Drill driver
  • 2 Lithium Ion Batteries of 18 volt or 1.3 Ah numbered as BAT609
  • 1- 18 volt lithium ion battery charger
  • 1 cargo bag to hold all of the drill contents


To clear out any confusion about the Bosch DDB180-02 Review we present to you with our final thoughts. The Bosch DDB180-02 review explains all of the necessary features that can make a drill stand out amongst any in them market. The safety features like Dura shield technology and EPM technology are this drill’s primary feature making it to be a best choice for any type of user.

The Bosch DDB180-02 review also covered upon the intricate details like its size and weight, which proved to be designed so that they can add to user’s comfort. Lastly, the Bosch DD180-02 review covered the warranty and package content point. A reasonable warranty limit along with all kinds of appropriate drilling kit requirements makes it a best drill for every user. The drill is lightweight with affordable price and suitable warranty and plenty of features to back it making this drill to be among the best. We hope that our Bosch DDB180-02 review proved to be of great assistance in clearing out the detailed features of this drill.