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For homeowners, best power drill for home use

Drill driver is a necessary power tools for nay homeowners who loves to do some type of carpeting job around the house. Other than that drill is handy in case of placing an extra electrical plug when you need to drill in the holes for screwing it in. these and other various household work that cannot be done simply by hand or conventional tools, require the help of a power drill. Therefore, the first problem was a selection of a proper tool now the other agenda is to find which the best power drill for home use is. There are a variety of brands in the market each with their own unique feature and prices. We have decided to save you from this burden of decision and compiled a list for best power drills for home use. The drills all are of noted power tool brands and can cater to every possible need of a homeowner. Following are some of the Best power drill for home use.

Black & Decker LDX120C 20 volt Cordless Drill/Driver

Black & Decker is a well known in the power tool industry that is why we decided to place the first item in our list for best Power Drill for home use to be its model LDX120C Cordless Drill/Driver. This drill works by running on battery when once fully charged can take out many heavy jobs. The following features allowed it to be among the Best power drill for home use.

Battery source:-

The drill obtains it power from Lithium Ion Technology batteries of 18 volts. This battery is lighter and has 5 times the normal battery life.


The drill can produce a torque of 115in/lbs. that is enough to generate a speed of 650rpm. This drill is capable to carry out any kind of drilling or fastening jobs around the house.

Clutch Setting:-

The drill comes with 11 clutch setting feature allowing the speed to be adjusted as per the work requirement for precise control.


The drill is designed to be compact and light in weight so it could e use by any new comer and could be used in small spaces too.

LED light:-

The drill has LED light that is turned on pressing the trigger and illuminates the work surface.


The drill is offered by a consumer warranty of 2 years from Black & Decker. The drill when ordered comes with the following contents.

  • 1 drill/ driver
  • One 20 volt lithium ion battery
  • One battery charger
  • One double ended bit

Dewalt DCD771C2 Cordless Compact Drill Driver Kit

Dewalt, an American brand has now been producing quality grade Power Tools for homeowners. Their quality assurance and working capacity allowed them to be in our best power drill for home use list. The model for discussion in our list of Best power drill for home use is model DCD771C2 Cordless drill Driver Kit. The following features allowed it to be amongst the Best power drill for home use.

Power source-

The drill runs on a battery source of 20-volt MAX lithium ion technology batteries providing the drill with 5 times the normal battery life and also does not add much to drill’s weight.

Motor efficiency:-

The drill can carry out any type of drilling job thrown in its way due to its torque generation of about 550 in/lbs.

Speed setting feature:-

The drill ahs a speed setting feature providing the drill with following two types of drill settings as per the job requirement.

  • 0-450 rpm
  • 0-1500 rpm


The drill has a ½-inch single sleeve ratcheting chuck. This chuck provides firm and tight grip to the drill bits.


The drill is designed to be compact and light weighted so it can easily be used in even small and tight spaces. The drill handle is designed ergonomically to add comfort and reduce fatigue to user in longer jobs.


The drill house a warranty of 3 years by Dewalt power tools.

Bosch DDB181-02 Compact Tough Drill/Driver Kit

Bosch is a power tool-manufacturing brand that is producing quality grade power drills that are useable by professionals and homeowners alike. Their brushless motor technology allows the drill to work longer by keeping the motor cooler. The model to be discussed in our Best power drill for home use is Bosch DDB181-02 Compact Tough Drill/Driver Kit. This drill’s following features allowed it to be added in the Best power drill for home use.


The drill is powered by 18-volt lithium ion battery technology providing lighter weight and efficient power supply.

Torque production:-

The drill is capable enough to carry around any type of drilling or fastening jobs around the house because of its high torque of 350in/lbs. this torque is enough to create a speed of 1300 rpm.

Speed setting:-

The drill as two speed setting feature allowing the drill speed to be adjusted as per the fastening or drilling job.

Brushless motors:-

The drill houses a brushless motor technology that scraps off the carbon from the motor allowing it to remain cooler and work efficiently for longer time.

LED light:-

Like all the other Bosch drills this drill also has LED light accessory in front of it allowing the work place to be illuminated in case of dark.


The drill is compact and light in weight. This is so that the user would experience lesser fatigue with perfect control.


The warranty offered by Bosch on this drill is limited 2 years in case of defects.


To conclude the above discussion about the Best power drill for home use we provide you with our final thoughts on the subject matter. The Black & Decker model is a drill that is both light in weight, is of quality brand but also it packs a decent amount of power, and is in suitable price range for ordinary homeowner. Dewalt’s drill houses power along with its increased warranty feature, allowing it to be a best contender for anyone, who would like to make a decent investment in his tools. As Black & Decker, Bosch also holds same feature but its power and brushless motor technology allow it to be popular among professionals as the biggest issue in the drill is its overheating. Therefore, to carry around jobs in house Black & Decker and Bosch are optimal choices for a homeowner. We hope that this effort we made for you in explaining Best power drill for home use proved to be of help.