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Cordless drill is extremely handy equipment for various simple tasks related to home repair and construction applications of heavy duty nature. These appliances use a battery which can be recharged and provides the freedom to be carried at various locations to accomplish several tasks without any concerns regarding the availability of power source or outlet nearby. Too many cordless drills are available in the market and you have to choose one from countless options and choosing the appropriate cordless drill can be a bit challenging because of huge variation in the features and prices of different cordless drills.

Cordless Drill – An Overview

Cordless drills enable the users to employ powerful electric drill without any need to worry about the power outlet and getting tied to electric source. Because of this freedom, these cordless drills are much more efficient and useful as compared to cabled drills. These devices saves a lot of time and additional cost which can be incurred in getting long electric cables for cabled drills. As a result, these drills can easily be carried out at distant areas where cabled drills can’t be employed.

Benefits of Cordless Drills

Following are the various benefits of having cordless drills.

  1. Enhanced Versatility

Modern cordless drills have more features other than just drilling. Few such drills have the option of drilling kit which incorporates a selection of several drill bits. To enhance flexibility, various models are available incorporating higher specifications such as keyless SDS chucks, which enable you to drill into masonry, concrete and various metals. Also, there are few models available which contains a set of screwdriver heads thus can be considered as a cordless screwdriver as well.

  1. Hammer Action

Few cordless drills incorporate hammer action. This is a sort of pulsing system which has the capability of manipulating the chuck hundreds or thousands of times in a minute to provide enhanced momentum to the penetrating strength of the bit. When employed in concert with proper hardened drill bits, this hammer action increases the ability of drill to penetrate tough materials including concrete.

  1. Incorporation of Work Light

Majority of the cordless drills enhances the advantage of their flexibility by having a LED work light which is extremely helpful in illuminating the awkward to access areas thus becoming highly well suited equipment for such areas. This provides hassle free use of cordless drill in majority of the circumstances.

  1. Long Battery Life

Latest cordless drills have advanced lithium ion batteries which are frequently employed in cell phones for several years. These batteries have enhanced capacity, short recharging time and are lighter in weight as compared to typical old batteries. Due to the addition of these lithium ion batteries, these cordless drills become more efficient and beneficial.

  1. Speed Control

In contrary to the torque control offered by gears, the ability to adjust the speed by changing the power input provides better flexibility when handling various types of materials. It also helps in getting high accuracy during the drilling process, when the low revolution rate helps a lot in stabilizing the bit. Due to this efficient speed control, the handling of cordless drills becomes much more convenient while drilling.