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Most of us require a drill in our houses especially if we are DIY lovers. The small and compact drills help a lot in performing our routine DIY projects. If you want to hang a picture, fix a cabinet or you want to make holes in the wall to install the screws for various wall mountings, then you certainly need a drill. A best cordless drill is light in weight and it is easy to use. It serves you with all its best features to do a perfect work. So here are top 5 most successful cordless drills, if you want to buy a drill for your home use, then this guide will help you to find a suitable drill.

Best Cordless DrillsPower SourceVoltageDetailed ReviewsCustomer ReviewsSee At Amazon
PORTER-CABLE PCL180CDKbest cordless drills cordless-electric18 voltsRead more23 reviewsSee At Amazon
Panasonic EY6432NQKWbest cordless drivercordless-electric;battery-powered15.6Read more54 reviews See At Amazon
Hitachi DS18DSAL Cordless DrillHitachi DS18DSAL 18-Volt small 3Battery-Powered18 voltsRead more248 reviews See At Amazon
DEWALT DCF815S2 Impact Driver Kitcordless drill reviewsbattery-powered12 voltsRead more 96 reviews See At Amazon
Makita XDT08Z Cordless Impact Driverbest cordless drillbattery-powered18 voltsRead more 20 customer reviewsSee At Amazon

PORTER CABLE PCL 180CDK – 2 Compact Drill

PORTER-CABLE cordless drill, best cordless drill


There are lots of cordless drills available in the market, but a best cordless drill is one which meets all your needs. The Porter cable compact drill is one of them. You will not only get impressed with the design of the drill but the features will also inspire you when you will use it. You can easily make the holes in a large variety of material like wood, aluminum and also install the screws after drilling. This cordless drill has following main features:

LED light

The LED light is the additional function of this drill. The drill is equipped with LED light in order to make the work easy at night and in dim light areas. So this gives more flexibility of working.

Compact size

The main beneficial feature of the drill is its compact nature. This drill is quite easy to hold and use. Most of the drills of today have a heavy body and these are almost impossible to hold. These drills also affect the quality of the work, but with the help of this slim and compact drill you can easily do your job.

Increased productivity

The 2-speed high torque, high output motor and the clutch allow the maximum productivity. All these features make the drilling easy and it is ideal for heavy applications. The rubber handle give you the maximum grip of the handle and it prevents you from the common mistakes of drilling that usually occurred by shaking of hands.


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 Panasonic EY6432NQKW Cordless Drill/Driver Kit

Panasonic Corless drill, cordless drills

According to the cordless drill reviews, the Panasonic EY6432NQKW cordless drill is fast, efficient, light and comfortable to use. It gives you the faster work by using its 18 stage clutch and drill positioning feature. This Panasonic cordless drill is light in weight and it is compact. The nickel metal battery of the Panasonic drill has a fast charging rate. This drill will give you a wide range of performance because of is superb features. It has following main features:

Most powerful

The Panasonic drill is ranked among the top most drills because of it power and torque. It is also considered 11% more powerful than others. The speed of the Panasonic drills is also considered the best among other brands available in the market.

Battery power

The nickel metal hydride battery of the Panasonic drill is efficient in its working. It has a fast charging time. In this way it is ideal for those people who are professionals and have no time to recharge a battery for longer durations of time. The drill comes with a set of two batteries.

Ergonomic design

The design of the Panasonic drill is ergonomically made for the convenience of the users. It is compact with a rubber handle so its grip is very fine and strong. In this way it reduces the fatigue of the work even after longer durations of time. It also gives you an option to control the speed of drilling for efficient work.

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 Hitachi DS18DSAL 18-Volt Drill/Driver

Hitachi Drill, Cordless Drill

The Hitachi drill is one of the most successful drills in the market. It combines the speed with the power. This combination makes this drill versatile drill among others. The two speed function of the Hitachi allows you to switch between two functions. The high speed of the drill is ideal for drill functioning while on the other hand the low speed is best for screw installation. It is able to make holes both in the wood and the metals. This efficient drill is suitable to use in homes and it has following best features:

Ergonomic design

The design of the drill is ergonomic. It is light in weight. The weight distribution is balanced above and below the grip of the handle, so it makes the working process easy. The drill is easy to carry and it also has a LED light to make the work relaxed at night time.

Powerful battery

The battery of the drill is made up of lithium ion which is long lasting and most powerful battery. The drill comes with two extra batteries to make your work convenient and you can do that without interruption. You only have to wait for 40 minutes to charge a battery.  These batteries are also light in weight so it also adds ease to the work.

Longer warranty

The product also offers the long lasting warranties that show the durability of the product. It offers 5 years warranty of the drill and the lithium ion battery comes with a warranty of 2 years which is more than enough.

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DEWALT DCF815S2 impact Driver Kit

DEWALT cordless drill, best cordless drill

According to the cordless drill reviews, the Dewalt impact driver is among the best drills. This product is also ergonomically made to give the ease of the work. It is light in weight and also serves its users with the best features. From speed to battery power everything is perfectly made by Dewalt. It gives the superb features to make you feel better while doing your DIY chores or the other professional activities. This product has following main features:

Perfect torque

The Dewalt impact driver gives you the maximum torque to do your drill works. It has one advantage over the other traditional drills that it provides the maximum torque that allows the users to dig a big hole or to drive the long screws.

One handed operation

The drill is light in weight and secondly unlike the other drills it generates the pressure to make the holes. Mostly the traditional drills require the force to drive the screws but Dewalt drill has solved this problem. It creates a forward pressure. You can easily drive the long screws by using a single hand, so it makes the work easy.

Easy to handle

Mostly it is considered that the impact drivers require the more pressure and it creates a more stress on your arms but that is totally wrong. This impact driver gives you maximum torque but creates a less stress so it can be easily handled even by a little child.

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Makita XDT08Z 18V LXT Brushless Cordless Impact Driver

Makita Cordless Driver , Cordless driver

The Makita cordless impact driver delivers the maximum performance to its users. According to the cordless drill reviews, the Makita impact driver has increased power, speed and it also has a longer tool performance warranty than others. This model also delivers the maximum torque and the motor of the drill is electronically controlled to increase the efficiency of the battery life. This cordless drill is ideal to use by the professional wood workers, mechanics, plumbers, electricians and DIY project owners. This model had following features:

Brushless motor

This brushless motor has increased the efficiency of the drill. It has eliminated the traditional use of carbon brushes so in this way it has increased the life of the motor. Besides that it also allows the motor to run cooler and 50 % more effectively than others.

Variable speed

This cordless drill also allows the variable speed to perform the various fastening functions. Similarly an electric brake is there to increase the efficiency of the drill.

Built in LED

The built in LED light feature of this cordless drill make the work easier at the dark places or where there is a minimum availability of the light.

Optimum charger

One of the best features of this drill is its optimum charger. This rapid optimum charger continuously communicates with the battery while charging to increase its life by controlling the temperature and voltage. This optimum charger also has a built in fan that continuously cool down the battery while charging to maximize the life of the battery. This feature has made the battery life efficient and it is stronger than any other drill.

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The cordless drills are used by the professional plumbers, wood workers and the electricians, however with the advancement of technology the professional use of the drills has now turned into home use also. There are lots of drills in the market with versatile features but the main thing is the quality of the drill. A best cordless drill should be easy to handle and it should cover the maximum features. The drills that are used in homes should be light in weight to make the work easy. While on the other hand the drills used by the professionals should be durable and efficient. Here the top five cordless drills are discussed that are ideal to use professionally and in homes too.